Early 2012 - "Ankoku"

A Combo Music Video (CMV) with clips from Combomaker Dark Chaotix

Middle of 2008 - "Just keep on walking"

A video in character design about a girl of glass on a stage.

Early 2008 - "Over Ground"

The followup to Never Scared. Combo Videos are a lot of fun to do.

Early 2008 - "Jet Set Radio Rewrap"

Rewrap, A project where you have to rebuild a game in 3DSmax and then reverse the style

End of 2007 - "Never Scared"

A combo video for KoF2000. the combos are crap, but the video is allright imho

Middle of 2007 - "Polygon Chase - A race in white space"

A collaborative project of all of 2nd semester of game design: Polygon Chase from 3DSmax

Early 2006 - "A little less conversation - the SNK tribute"

Just a little tribute to what might have been the greatest developer of arcade machines

Somewhen in 2003... this is so long ago - "Day of the Dragons"

Thats where it all started. A combo video from 2003 for a game no one really knows. Enjoy!