Hollow Grounds: an iPhone indie game for Full Color Planet by Michel Barengo and me


Hollow Grounds is an iPhone indie game

It's a small little story about a cartographer that jumps into a planets holes. And since the planet likes him so much he decides to switch his gravity mid flight so he gets through them unharmed. It's a reaction game where you have to rotate and turn your iPhone while the character falls down those entwined tunnels.

The main game mechanic is that you have to turn your iPhone while Piri falls down the tunnels. The 24 tracks get more and more entwined, full of planets, stars, chicanes and stone worms.

I always wanted to finally have a game finished for distribution. Hollow Grounds is fully developed iPhone game for Full Color Planet. The goal is to have three iPhone games made to have a look if there is still a bit of money to be made on iPhone without a budget. This was also my Thesis for the Master of Arts in Design study course.

Michel Barengo did some awesome tracks and sounds for the game. His modern interpretation of chiptune gives the game so much mood, its uncanny. Be sure to check out his stuff, he is absolutely awesome

Be sure to watch the Trailer or have a look in iTunes. It is the most polished game I've made so far and plays really nice.


Hollow Grounds iTunes

Hollow Grounds 1

Hollow Grounds 2

Hollow Grounds 3