First Strike: A nuclear war game from Blindflug Studios AG


First Strike is a game about nuclear war, the balance of power and the destruction of todays arsenal.

The goal in First Strike is simple: You take control of one of twelve real world nuclear superpowers and you try to be the last one remaining when the crescendo of the nuclear bombardement blows the whole world to smithereens.

You have to strategically conquer, research and build up your arsenal while bombarding enemy territory and defend against their strikes. The whole game is running in real time and is supposed to be a real simple, fast paced strategy game for mobile devices.

But First Strike is also a game with a twist. Loosely based on the 80ies movie "War Games", the real message of the game is that there is no real winner in nuclear war. Like the computer in the movie, the player is free to try as many possible tactics for Global Thermonuclear War to eventually come to the conclusion that the only winning move is not to play. Which kind of unlocks the secret ending of First Strike, that only 0.5% of all players found.

First Strike was our debut title for Blindflug Studios and a big hit worldwide. It managed to sell over 180'000 copies over its lifetime and got featured multiple times by Apple. It also recieved a lot of critical acclaim and nomination for international awards, including:

Winner of:
"Best Mobile Game" at Casual Connects Indie Prize Amsterdam
"Newcomer of the Year" at the SwissICT Awards
"Game of the Year" at Best of Swiss Apps 2014
"Most Innvative Game" at the 7th Best App Ever Awards
"Mobile of the Day" for the m-fWA Awards

Finalist for:
"Best Upcoming Game" at the International Mobile Game Awards 2014
"Most Meaningful Play" at the International Mobile Game Awards 2015
"Swiss Game Award" at the SGDA Awards 2015
"Most Creative Project" at the Game Connection Development Awards USA 2015
"Best Hardcore Game" at the Game Connection Development Awards USA 2015
"International Award" at the Ludicious Festival 2014
"Best Strategy Game" at the 7th Best App Ever Awards
"Master of the Year" at the Best Of Swiss Apps 2014

That is all pretty spectacular, and I'm really proud on what we've been able to build at the Team of Feinheit. Urs, Diego, Moritz, Christof and Michel did a really great job collaborating here. We wanted to keep the project simple in its core and succeeded at that. First Strike is a very very special game to me.

Development Part: Game Concept & Design, 3D Art and Effects, Prototype Develpment, Gameplay Programming, Launch of the Game.

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