Cloud Chasers: A game about migration from Blindflug Studios AG


Cloud Chasers is a rogue-like about a migration journey of a father and daughter to the world above the clouds.

Cloud Chasers was our follow up to First Strike: Our second own Blindflug Studios title. In 2014 we deicided we wanted to stay true to our credo and make another title with a meaningful core. So we decided to develop a game about what fascinates us about migration.

In Cloud Chasers you follow Francisco and Amelia on their journey to the world bove the clouds. The game is randomly generated upon start and you'll have to manage your water suplies and health on your journey through 5 deserts. Patrick Coursey wrote hundreds of stories for the two characters which you could accidentally encounter during your trek, all of them with multiple choice outcomes for our two travelers.

There is no going back on save games in Cloud Chasers, every decision is final. And like in real life, every decision could result in your untimely death. But unlike real life, you are free to try again and have another shot at what fortune deals you. So, if you'd be on a migration journey, would you survive it?

While not as financially sucessful as First Strike, Cloud Chasers was an even bigger hit on a recognition level. It was shown in major festivals and amassed the same number of nominations for international awards as First Strike within few weeks:

Winner of:
"Best in GDC Play" at the GDC Play 2015
"EIGD Grand Prix" at the European Indie Game Days 2015
"Innovation Award" at the Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2015

Finalist for:
"Innovation Award" at the European Indie Game Days 2015
"Original Idea Award" at the AzPlay Festival 2015
"Best Indie Game" at the Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2015
"Best Mobile Game" at the Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2015
"Best Mobile & Tablets Game" at the Game Connection Development Awards Paris 2015
"Swiss Game Award" at the SGDA Awards 2016
"International Award" at the Ludicious Festival 2016
"Game of the Year" at the Best Of Swiss Apps 2015

Indiecade @E3 2015
Amaze Johannesburg 2015
Indie Arena Booth Gamescom 2015
GameZFestival 2015

While I was leading the project in the beginning, eventually I had to focus on working on another title. So most of the game was a fantastic effort from especially Tabea but also Frederic, Moritz, Michel, Patrick, Diego and Moritz. They did an incredible job getting the game to life, and I'm very proud of our second game.

Development Part: Game Concept, Prototype, Concept Art & 2D Art, Effects, Trailer and helping where I could.

cloud chasers

cloud chasers

cloud chasers

cloud chasers

cloud chasers