This one is the big one! AugustWind was the final project of my Game design study course, being the Bachelor Thesis and final exam in one.

The theory behind the game was a research on the shoot'em up genre.

The game follows the story of Andreas, a young eelminer, and his partner Penelope. Together they strive to become the most famous and richest eelminers in Eelhaven VII. The young, hotheaded badger and the greedy but quite charming feline are off to experience an astounding aventure during the eelseason of August.

Every graphic in August Wind s Hand Drawn and animated in a 3D enviroment. Over twelve diffrent layers of graphics form the picture of a game with a true 2D soul. The player can freely choose how he wants to spend his days at Eelhaven VII having several activities for him. And all the money he earns can be reinvested in new airplane parts, making him even more efficient and cool.

AugustWind was a pretty ambitious project, and even though more than 800 hours are by now spent into it it is of course far from over. However it was very sucessfull at the Bachelor exams and might be taking part in the Unity Awards 2009 and the Europrix 2009.

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