Seasons of Life: A game about life from FEINHEIT GmbH


Seasons of Life is a physics puzzle game about the stages of Life

As one of three agencies in Switzerland, we were asked from Feinheit to pitch a game idea for AXA Winterthur Insurances. We wanted to go with a simple concept: An easy to play puzzle game which is playble by everyone. You follow a small family through four stages of their life, from teenagers to an elderly couple with a dog, and you have try to get them to safety.

Gameplay is very simple: You have to remove blocks from a 2D construction which will collapse in on itself. You can only remove one block per second while everything is collapsing, so you must choose wisely which blocks to remove. Your goal is to get all person blocks safely on the solid table below.

I'm pretty proud on the game. It has a msassive ammount of levels and it was the first time we built something with Unity 5's 2D physics engine. It is also the first client project where I programmed everything myself. Knowing my coding skills, that is quite a feat.

Seasons of Life is availabl for free on iOS on the App Store

Development Part: Game Concept & Design, Art Assistance and Effects, Programming

seasons of life

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