Middle of 2015: Cloud Chasers

cloud chasers
Mobile Indie Game with Blindflug Studios

Middle of 2014: First Strike

first strike
Mobile Indie Game with Blindflug Studios

Beginning of 2014: Seasons of Life

seasons of life iPhone/iPad game for AXA Winterthur Insurances with FEINHEIT GmbH

Middle of 2013: Born to Run

iPhone/iPad game for Antidoping.ch/NADA Austria/NADA Germany with FEINHEIT GmbH

Beginning of 2013: Meet the Street

iPhone/iPad game for Fussverkehr Schweiz with FEINHEIT GmbH

Late 2012: The Highest Heart

the highest heart
almost complete iPhone/iPad Indie game by Michel Barengo and me

End of 2011: Hollow Grounds

iPhone/iPad indie game by Michel Barengo and me

End of 2010: Amanzivision

iPhone/iPad game for World Vision Switzerland with Bitforge AG

Early 2010: iCTuS-L

Rehab and research project for INI of ETH Zürich by Bruno Meilick and me

End of 2009: Starshine

Collaborate Project by Julian Kraan, Bruno Meilick, Luisa Kuenzig and me

Middle of 2009: AugustWind

Bachelor project in Game Design for the University of the Arts Zürich

End of 2008: Extremely funky Captain Ahabs and the wild wet waterworld

Collaborate Project by Konradin Kuhn, Bruno Meilick and me

End of 2008: Handspiegelkante

Small mockup for 3D-Interactivity with Unity 3D and Cheetah 3D

End of 2008: All you need is Love

Puzzle Game for Unity. Not very fair but it plays a Beatles Song

End of 2008: The Last Profiteur TechDemo

A Prototype for Swarming Behaviour and PhysicEngines in 2D

Middle of 2008: East Wind (Game Maker 7 Pro)

A big Summerproject of an Arcade Game for Windows in Game Maker. Music by Torley

Early 2008: Die Sieben Raben (Torque 3D)

A collaborative Prototype of Acryl in Torque 3D by Luisa Kuenzig and me

End of 2007: What happened at the Blue Notes? (Second Life)

Fully functional interactive storytelling Club in Second Life