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What in gods name is "Ryuworks"?:

The name is Jeremy Spillmann. I'm the lead game designer and one of the two founders of Blindflug Studios. This is my relict of a portfolio, that I try to update whenever I have some spare time. You will find a wild collection of drawings, game prototypes and movies from the time since I started my game design studies.

I'm a graduated game designe Master from the Zürich university of the arts. I finished my BA in game design in summer 2009, my masters in 2012 I've worked and coordinated several smaller game projects in the indie games, serious games and advetisment games area so far.

Life in Switzerland sure is comfy. Nothing to really moan about. Being able to be in every major city in the country within 30-60 minutes is surreal if you live in a city like London. So when I'm not being at a lake or running through some simulated world I enjoy trying to collect every UK Neo Geo Pocket Cartridge in existence, painting acrylic canvases or taking incredibly bad sepia photos... Wonderful.

For some years I've now been using various Adobe products, sound editing tools, 3D engines, modelers and video cutting tools and using them to a personal degree. I personally believe that independant games can have a bringt future on channels like PSN, Steam, iTunes and XBLA, allowing for riskyier game concepts and less safe ideas. And that is also the part of the industry I'd like to be a designer in.

How am I contactable:

Since the internet is such a wonderfull tool of splitting your personality into tiny tiny fragments here are some places where you can get in touch of me.

____E-Mail: jeremy.spillmann[at]
____Skype: Well, you will need to ask me personally for that