Beginning of 2016

Time to update, sorry that it has taken so long...

first strike

First Strike was a big success, maybe even more than we all thought upon its launch. First Strike got great Featurings from Apple, managed to be nominated at 13 worldwide awards over the last 2 years and sold a stunning 180'000 units over its lifetime so far. That is incredible and we couldnt have wished for a better start.


We've managed to launch our own company, Blindflug Studios, with the title. So if you'd be a little more up to date on how things develop, thats the place to go. Blindflug Studios got awarded the SwissICT Newcomer Award, given to the best newcomer computer science startups in Switzerland. A very high honor especially since we're the first Video Game Comapny to do so here.

seasons of life
Before parting ways, we finished our last game with Feinheit. Seasons of Life is a whimsical little physics puzzler which shows a small family going through different seasons of life. It was made for AXA insurance, and it was incredibly interesting to create a project for a strict business partner. A fun little project to finish the 2.5 years at Feinheit.

cloud chasers
We managed to follow up with a new title last year. Cloud Chasers launched to even bigger critical acclaim than First Strike, and even though it was a bold move to make a game about a dire topic such as migration, I think it was very much worth it. More than First Strike, Cloud Chasers toured around the world with Indiecade, Amaze, GameZFestival and IndieArena.

We are now looking into 2016 which will definetly shape whether or not we will be able to break our internationally or will stay a small swiss firm. I'm excited, to say the least. There will be one last contract work coming out towards summer and its gonna be a great one! So to update all of this, here are the pages for The Highest Heart, First Strike, Cloud Chasers and Seasons of Life.

Now I just should update the art gallery at some point...


14th of February 2014

First Strike is nominated for an IMGA Award

imga first strike
The great news for first strike just keep on coming! We are nominated at the International Mobile Game Awards, the biggest mobile game award worldwide, in the category "Best Upcoming Game". The ceremony will be held at the during the GDC week

Also, this week I had my first article on Gamasutra. Having an Interview on the site you've been 6 years for news is just surreal. Great things are in the future.

31th of January 2014

Brace yourself, First Strike is coming

first strike
The release of first strike is coming closer and closer. The game is almost ready, Version 1.0.1 is waiting in the App Store for its release.

Christoph Angehrn and Michel Barengo did an amazing job on the release trailer. You have to have a look at it! But don't just take my word for it: Owen from Pocket Tactics was immediatly lovestruck.

28th of January 2014

Another Global Game Jam, bigger than ever

soul glitch
This years global game jam was bigger than ever before. Almost 100 people were at the Rote Fabrik in Zürich. The Organizers even invited almost every media outlet imaginable: SRF 3, Combobreaker, 20 Minuten, everyone was reporting from the jam.

I was helping out a bit in the incredible Team of Sould Glitch. While my biggest contribution might have been the Kebap on Sunday, the other guys were giving their all to make a robot adventure with AI, Pathfinding, Switch Mechanics and much more, all within 48 hours. Check it out!

6th of November 2013

1st Game Pitch Day at the Geneva Film Festival

tous ecrans
"Close, but no cigar". The Highest Heart was awarded the Runner Up Award at the first Geneva Game Pitch Day at Festival Tous Ecrans. I'm honored, and apparently it was a very close decision where the other game won out in the end.

And what a game it is! Out of the Blue Witch Lake Games unleashed their juggernaut Sam's Chronicle. It looks absolutely incredible and completely blew the competition away. A great winner indeed!

6th of October 2013

First Game Festival in Switzerland

This week was the Game Z Festival in Zürich. Its the first Festival about Game Culture and Swiss Games in Switzerland. And I was able to hold a talk about Born to Run.

The three days were very nicely attended. The exhibition at Walcheturm were almost constantly filled with visitors and players. Especially the open Beamer night on staurday was a lot of fun. All in all, a great start for something that could as well become memorable

2nd of July 2013

Born to Run Lauch Party in Zürich

Born to Run was unveilled this Monday at Frau Gerolds Garten in Zürich. As part of the event to celebrate 5 years of, the game was shown to the world for the first time.

We had a great lauch day: The weather was wonderfull, the parkour crew FreeZ did a great show, jumping from rooftop to rooftop and Born to Run climbed up to Number 4 in the App Store.

1st of July 2013

New Game: Born to Run

born to run
Game Number 2 for Feinheit! The game is called Born to Run and its an endless runner across rooftops.

Canabalt? Well maybe a little, but we are talking about a competitive sport here. So comeptitive, that the player has the possibility to use illegal substances to improve his ranking in the championship. But as in real life, getting caught will have dire consequences, including your game being locked up for up to five day.

Get it in the App Store.

15th of March 2013

Hollow Grounds at Game Gazer Exhibition in San Francisco

game gazer
As part of the San Francisco Visit Hollow Grounds was on exhibition at the Game Gazer in Swissnex San Francisco.

The Launch Event was nicely packed. HEAD in Geneve had some really cool experimental games on display, as well as the UCLA game lab. We were also able to partake in a pitch seminar to finetune our skills and present our projects to possible investoras and businesspartners. All in all a great time.

15th of March 2013

GDC 2013

As part of an exhibition, I was granted to ability of visiting the Game Developers conference in San Francisco. San Francisco was great. I even got to see Warren Spector on stage, a definitive highlight of the whole show.

Lots of friends were there as well. Krautscape and Grooh were awarded two awards for the new GDC Play area, and I got to meet the creator of Liquidsketch and attend the IGF ceremony with him. It was a great experience. Check out his game, it some really impressive fluidics stuff!

1st of March 2013

New Game: Meet the Street

meet the street
Finally, here it is. We got a new iPhone game out. It is a small traffic managment game called Meet the Street.

We are really happy with it, it was a great sucess. It climbed all the way to Number one in the app store, a fantastic result, especially for a serious game about road safety. Get it in the app store, I'm really proud of it.

30th of January 2013

Global Game Jam was glorious

Since I'm not (yet) allowed to talk about other projects: Let me just say, that this years gobal game jam was glorious! More people than ever came into Dock 18 at Rote Fabrik to Jam.

You can see our endevour "Marketing the game" at its website. Or check its Facebook Page, or its Twitter, or its Flickr, or its Youtube, or its Pintrest, or its Tout, or its.....

1st of September 2012

Started working at Feinheit

Time to get a job! Today started my work for Feinheit in Zürich Switzerland. Feinheit is a creative agency with a games division, so be on the lookout for some amazing projects in the future.

I was allready greeted with a massive project of a scope I've never done before. What it is? You'll know next year.

15th of June 2012

The Full Color Planet is finished... when will the Highest Heart be? (Spoilers: Not soon)

done! For now!

23th of Mai 2012

Exhibition Exhibition Exhibition

Hollow Grounds london 2012
Time is running out, the Masters Exhibition is next week allready

Are you in Zürich between the 1st and 14th of June? Be sure to check out our exhibition at the ZHDK Austellungsstrasse 60. There are tons of games to play, product designs to look at, illustrations to oogle and curiosity to be laughed at. And its even free!

I'll have my two games Hollow Grounds and The Highest Heart on display to play all the time. See you there maybe!

15th of Mai 2012

The Highest Heart is taking form

Hollow Grounds london 2012
My next game, The highest Heart. Is progressing very nicely. Late this summer you should all be able to enjoy the life story of Eyris, a small bird who fell out of her nest at a gigantic tree.

Stay tuned for more updates and a trailer. Untill then, be sure to keep checking the Development Blog of Full Color planet for more information.

BTW: Do you have an iPhone? Do you like my games? Mid June there will be a Testflight group for people who want to be invited for sneak peek version beta testing. Drop me a Mail at jeremy[dot]spillmann[at] if you would enjoy that

16th of February 2012

Hollow Grounds is going to the olympic games?

Hollow Grounds london 2012
Wow, that just blew my mind. Today I recieved an E-Mail from Maxime Schöni at HEAD that Hollow Grounds has been selected for an exhibition at the 2012 London Olympic games in the house of switzerland!

Sweet! Is Hollow Grounds showing the next olympic discipline? divine assisted extreme suicidal cave diving?

10th of January 2012

Visited Casual Connect

casual connect visit
Jep, I visited Casual Connect in Hamburg for three days and it was... interesting?

There was the whole bag of reactions at the fair when I presented my work. From groans and eye rolls to cheers and praise. However, I hardly recommend the fair for developers. 95% of the people were from marketing and looked kind of puzzled when you actually wanted to talk about games with them.

But we had a few good laughs and made some nice contacts... so now I NEED TO MINGLE!

16th of January 2012

Hollow Grounds is released! Get it in the iTunes store

Hollow Grounds
And its done, today is the official release of Hollow Grounds! You can check out the game in the games section, I gave it its proper place as the new spotlight project. A special thanks goes out to Michel Barengo, he composed the amazing music in the game, without him it wouldn't be th same. Thanks Michel!

The little thing took longer than imagined. Next to the study courses, development took around 5 months now. But it is very exciting to finally see it run and have it place out there. I'm very excited to see what the reception is going to be!

16th of Dezember 2011

Hollow Grounds survived the app store review. Live next month

Hollow Grounds
Time for joy! Hollow Grounds survived the app sotre review. Update 1.0.1 is allready being processed. Everything is going as planned, muahahaha! You can find new material on the Full Color Planet website, including screenshots, artworks and a gameplay trailer.

Full Color Planet has now its own Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter Account! Be sure to follow them if you want to be up to date about "The highest heart" which will be done in Summer 2012. I promise it

16th of January is the release date. I'll provide an iTunes link here on Ryuworks as soon as it hits!
Merry christmas everyone!

30th of October 2011 is live

The Website for Full Color Planet went uploaded today. This week there is an exhibition in Cologne called the Next Level Games Conference. FcP and Hollow Grounds will be on display there at the ZHdK booth.

Hollow Grounds is in Beta tatus right now. I'm giving my all that it will be submitted to the iTunes Store in Mid-November, launching in December this year. I'll report more about it once it is live.

It has been quite a crunch these days, doing all the necessairy steps to launch the first Indie Game. I'm really excited to see it hit stores soon!

31st of August 2011

Progress on Hollow Grounds

I've been working feverishly on Hollow Grounds. The iPhone game is progressing well, but there is still a lot to do.

Hollow Grounds will be shown in its Alpha Phase at the Figuren Theater Festival Exhibition in Basel. It is part of a larger Exhibition about all matter of puppeteer characters. This year they include a small sideshow of virtual characters. I'm excited to hear the feedback.

16th of June 2011

Work on Hollow Grounds has begun

The "Full Color Planet" project and it's first game "Hollow Grounds" have a development blog now. On this blog site you can keep up to date how the first game develops.

Unlike on there will be regular news about the project postet there. Screenshots, fast paintings, trailers, news about the engine and the design choices can all be viewed and discussed there. If you are a regular viewer of Ryuworks, be sure to check out the blog. I guarantee it will be interesting, at least till my Master course finished next summer.

2nd of Mai 2011

August Wind goes on Tour again?

Indeed... for one month August wind can be seen in the goesthe institute in Lisboa, Portugal. It's very nice to see the old lady get a spin again.

Last time I haven't, but I really have to personally thank the art duo And-Or for their passion in oragnizing all those expositions, giving the indie designers in switzerland an outlet to showcase their work. Thanks a lot!

10nd of April 2011

Hey, not too many updates here?

Master study is keeping me pretty busy. But there is a bigger project in the works right now. Ryuworks will soon get company from another website with a new name.

If everything goes well, Juli will be the month where you will see the game in the picture. It's called "Hollow Planet" and will be an iOS game. Stay tuned for more info and a blog solely giving information about this project.

28th of February 2011

The long overdue and awaited combo video

Finally.... Finally I was able to finish this project. I kept cutting it in my free time, but I always wanted to deliver something my partner in crime, Dark Cahotix, can be proud of.
Ankoku is a KoF XII combo exhibition. Check out Dark Chaotix beautifull combos and juggles in this... probebly... last combo video I'll be doing. Click the picture to go to Youtube to watch it.

20th of February 2011

Going into Overdrive... Masters, baby

From today, for 1.5 years I'll be part of the Master of Arts in Design course at the Zürich University of the Arts. I decided to do the Masters in the Field of Excellence Interaction/GameDesign/Game Production and create a whole identity and game series in for the first time. Stay tuned for the first game somewhere in Summer.

30th of January 2011

Participating in the Global Game Jam

The Global Game Jam at the Dock 18 in the Rote Fabrik in Zürich was a total blast! Since months, designing games hasn't been that much fun!
Now granted, it might sound like a bunch of Nerds locked in a club for 48 hours (which it totally was) but just creating Art for the sake of wasting it on a project was absolutely great!
Oh, be sure to listen to this Track from HomeWork while browsing the results... our group had it on repeat for at least 4 hours a day.

12th of December 2010

The first iPhone game is released!

Amanzivision for iPhone is a game for World Vision Switzerland in collaboration with Bitforge. Join our charity game, where the whole of switzerland is carrying water together to get real wells buildt in Africa!
Amanzivision is available for iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4G and iPad through the iTunes Store.

27th of November 2010

An Update in the drawing section

There hasn't been a good update in the drawing gallery in a while. Here are the newest works from this year. Enjoy. There will be a big game update coming on the 13th of Dezember. Due to confidentiality I can't talk yet, but I'm very proud of it.

4th of August 2010

New Project arriving soon

Stay tuned for an update during the next months, there will be a new game that is strictly entertainment coming up. It is time to finally make something fun again!

30th of June 2010

The Beta of iCTuS-L is finished

After half a year of development the Beta version of the spinal cord injury game "iCTuS-L" will now be shipped to the clinic of Balgrist. There first studies with subjects will be done. It also ships with a MASSIVE 52" monitor. Pictures will follow soon.

21th of June 2010

New video project

dark chaotix preview
Since it has been established that I totally love editing videos for combos, but am totally horrible at doing and recording them, for this project Dark Chaotix & me decided to do a joint venture and actually produce something that rocks on both levels. Trailer now, video later this year. As always: play it loud for best performance!

16th of Mai 2010

August Wind will be playable (one last time?)

from the 14th of Juli to the 31st of August there will be another exciting exhibition in germany that will feature several indie games, inclusding August Wind. There is also a festival revolving around the location on the vernissage.

4th of April 2010

Update in the game section

virtual game
Time to talk about the game project of the last two months: iCTuS-L. It's the followup to starshine, a project exclusively for the INI Institute of Neuroinformatics of the ETH Zürich. More in the games section

6th of January 2010

New update for drawn stuff

it's 2010, time finally update the site. Ryuworks has become a minor overhaul, showcasing stuff more efficiently and now, finally also featuring colorworks and small labels detailing when something was made.

12th of Dezember 2009

Affoltern is getting the shine on

The childrens hospital and rehabilitation clinic in Affoltern am Albis, Switzerland is now officially using the three stations of Starshine to help children with their rehabilitation programs.

Bruno and me are very proud ^^

24th of November 2009

First Trailer for the new Starshine

Over the last few months, Bruno and me have been working feaverishly on the new and improved Starshine. The Deadline is the 12th of Dezember, but for now there is a small Trailer here.

Laura Helde
gave some wonderfull lyrics for the song. It really sets it into the mood. If you like it, check her out.

30th of September 2009

Well, lightning never strikes twice, right?

Well, even though Unity Awards was a dud, one can always hope. AugustWind is now officially running in the IGF student competition against 190 other student projects. Will the jury like it? We will know in January 2010. Until then, keep those fingers crossed.

20th of September 2009

Unity 3D chose their victors at the Unity Awards 2009. Sadly no money for AugustWind, but..

...there is still big reason for joy. Two of my former collegues and graduates at the university won their competitions at the Mobile and Visual brackets!! Daniel Lutz was allready a favourite with the very clever Monospace anyway, but the real cinderella story belongs to Tobias Baumann, who worked all summer to turn Doppelscope into such a beauty that he won the competition! Congrats guys!

12th of September 2009

AugustWind was presented at Fantoche 2009

The Fantoche Film Festival is best known as Switzerlands most important Festival for animated short films. However one of the Highlights this year was the playable exposition from our future BA students of zHdK. They made absolutely cool stuff for it. That AugustWind was also there is somewhat unimportant compared.

24th of August 2009

It is finally done (again)! is finished

The demoversion of the game is available for free download there. The game is now also participating in the Unity Awards 2009. Everyone go and check it out.

12th of August

Luca from playerOnes's Gameblog wrote me yesterday asking about the delay in August Wind. Sadly he is right, I'm running a bit of a delay there. Be assured though that it WILL come and the BA-Version WILL be free to play (if you got the hardware-power that is, heh)

In the meantime. why don't you read his blog? It's nice and one of the few good contributions switzerland gives the internet theses days.

2nd of August 2009

Here is a small intro taken from August Wind. Watch it in the AugustWind section
the music is from "Les gosses de la rue"


The captures were made on the incredible machine that the game run on at the Bachelor Exhibition. Some kind of 2.8 Quad Core Mac with 8 GB Ram. That thing was a total BEAST! Professor Götz had to turn up at the computer science lab several times till they lent it to us. Thank god they did.

22nd of Juli 2009

Portfolio for 2009 is done


My game design portfolio for 2009 is finished in print form. You can download a pdf version here if you are interested in taking a look. It features three projects that were the most important during the study course: AugustWind, Starshine and Blue Notes.

High Quality Version and Low Quality Version

15th of Juli

Here are the other BA games as promised. The articles the guys wrote are quite interesting. However, if you can't understand german, their wonderfull poetry might escape you. You might need to take my word for it that they are interesting

Zwirn by Bruno Meilick and Julian Kraan
Circolino by Rosario Azzarello

Float and Jitter might be coming some other time, who knows. Might as well be that it will be released some day.

2nd of Juli

An article appears!

gamesch has dedicated an Article to AugustWind. Well it was written by me, so no suprises in the text there. But I wanna thank Roger, Florian and Matt again for letting us promote ourselves a bit. The games of my collegues, Zwirn, Razzmatazz, Float & Jitter and Circolino, will be added during the next weeks and I'll link to their stuff as well. Great games!

AugustWind on
Our own BA Webstie with all games

10th of June

AugustWind has its own sweet little spot in the game section. And even after all these hard times it still has a little spot in my heart. Awww, how sweet.

Seriously though, it's a bit small but it will get its own website in the future, so this is for everyone who missed the exposition and would like some impressions. Thank you very much for checking it out.

2th of June

Ah, I'm totally glad. One day after the death day of my mother I can celebrate for finishing in the field I walways wanted to work in with a straight "A" grade for my project. Sounds corny, but I'm sure she'd be proud and I think its ad I can't tell her. I'll probably delete this line later, but its not like THAT many people even read this site...

...I'll probebly delete the whole paragraph on second thought.

30th of March

We were showing our results to the invited guests from the industry today.


The turnup was'nt enormous, but actually pretty decent for a study course. It is very nice to know that an invitation can turn uo this many people, and most of them even stayed till the end. Thank you!

27th of March



The festivities are beginning today and I feel like I've never been so tired in my LIFE! The last week was just an eldorado of minimal techno, energy drinks and late nights working on Javascript Code. On Tuesday we will all have our final, public presentations. But the real deal is tonight, where my baby "AugustWind" for the first time is played and graded in front of a crowd. I really can't wait to see peoples reactions when they explore the world of Eelhaven VII.... and I cant wait to have a drink with all the friends who also graduate this year.

8th of April

Second presentation. We are nearing half-time now. The prototype-presentation went pretty smooth again, save for one or two unlucky projects. Its kind of surreal that this study course will end soon. Those three years just flew by like nothing. It was incredible fun, learning all those skills needed to create games and having so many talented people around me specializing in their things.

20th of March

Starshine was shown at the BrainFair 2009


As a partner of the ETH, the institute of neuroinformatics was very eager to present our games at their exhibition, demostrating the gloves they invented. the overall exhibition was quite calm, but fun nontheless. Especially young kids from the target group (thank god) very very interested in the game. This went so far we had to send one or two away for hogging the space. What a compliment :D